Shooter Stars 3D(Online)

Shooter Stars 3D(Online)

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Shooter stars (online) 3D

Star Shooter 3D (Online) Android game and shoot the stars online in English ShooterStars3D an Iranian play soccer and billiards is beautiful and charming in style.

In this beautiful and exciting game you can play with artificial intelligence and also with other online players in the game and invite your friends to play submit them!

You can play for unlimited and unrestricted play with artificial intelligence and its strong photos for online gaming and tournament.

The game has three sections in the first part that is marked with the name of the single-player game's artificial intelligence can fight you.

In the second part the players can play online with the name of the game is visible online.

And the third part of the game that the tournament is named can participate in the Cup (is noteworthy that the tournament is played at the moment with artificial intelligence.)

choose a combination for your team in every game.

Online games and tournaments will be held for the duration of 3 minutes, but the single-player game that is played with artificial intelligence able to choose between 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 8 minutes'll be.

In the game you'll be able to choose between three playgrounds including Tehran, Tabriz and is the Persian Gulf. Tehran, Tabriz grass ground floor is dusty and the Persian Gulf Hall.

Game features include:

Daily -Jayz·h

• Ability to select the desired photos Profile of user gallery

-advanced settings

• Ability to change the game in both normal and professional marker

• Ability to registration and deletion of accounts even if you uninstall the game

• Ability to change the account password and more.

The ability to run the game on your system will have.

Games for Windows 32.64 bits!

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