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*** A great app for editing videos ***

By using it and without having any specific knowledge about editing and compiling videos, you can cut video segments, filter, and inbox. This software can help you at a time when it's necessary to remove a part of a movie in its entirety. For example, you might have recorded a movie on the TV and in the middle of the movie, then you can easily delete the sections where the advertisement is there, or if you want to publish a movie on the Internet. And you need to convert the movie into smaller and smaller pieces. In such cases, you can also open the account on this program. It also has a series of ready-made filters that you can apply to the images with just a few clicks and easily remove the noise in the video and inject various video formats. It supports various video formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4 / MOV, OGM, ASF / WMV, MKV and FLV.

Software features
- Provides video output in common formats for various players
- Delete your favorite segments by dragging
- Remove batches of a clip
- Preview preview for edited videos
- Provide screen shot of video
- easy usage
- Ability to convert the edited video format to AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, iPhone, iPad
- Ability to sort video by moving various video segments via drag and drop
- Support for HD format

Note the program on the phone

sony xperia l with android 4

The honer 3c has been tested with Android 5.0

Hi, This app is on Android 4 and 5 and is not compatible with Android 6 and 7
The above expression was included in the app's description for the lack of users' dissatisfaction

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