Clown: Legendary Theater

Clown: Legendary Theater

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❤ You are going to love Clown pantomimes ❤

💬 You think I’m joking ? You’re so wrong. Watch the Trailer and You will know who’s in charge.

💬 We all know the “ Pantomime “ and how interesting it is. But “ Clown “ wants to beat this game up. Clown is professional in performance and makes you die laughing. You’re just supposed to watch pantomime performances, guess the answer and collect coin.

💬 Like other successful people, Clown has enemies. They are called “ Tamashagarnama “ who are viewers that don’t like the Clown. If you guess wrong, they mock up him. Then guess correctly and cheer the Clown up.

💬 Clown loves Singers, Movies and Series, Sports, Video Game and Musicians. He plays lots of videos and musics and you have to guess their names. This is called “ Pro Pantomime “ in the game.

💬 Let me put it this way. If you don’t play this game, you’re going to lose lots of animations and laughter !

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