Version 1.0.5
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In addition to the charge MTN recharge and mobile first and Talia also sold Rightel

Charge up faster than babies

98 MTN can buy any kind of charge card program in less than 5 seconds gives you

The program features:

1. very nice graphics

2. Run the comfort and style

3. Compatibility with all versions of Android

4. very low volume applications

5. Unable to connect to the Internet and purchase through ussd

6. Ability to Buy MTN recharge cards, MCI, Talia and Rightel

7. You can also buy direct charge Irancell, MCI and desired amounts Rightel

8. Automatic detection of SIM card

9. Ability to add a contact: there is no need to re-enter numbers

10. Manage contacts

11. Send charged for friends easily one click

12. Bank charges: with store charge cards in charge of wasting your time prevent banks

13. Ability to manage charges on bank charges

15. Registration and User Profile

16. The online payment with a credit card through a secure portal and Saman done well

Once installed our loyal customer program and the program features fun

Fallout charge through the website: http://98irancell.com

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