Persian imperia

Persian imperia

Version 6.6.3
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Become a legendary emperor and build your empire in this Ancient Era MMO strategy game. Build army, find good allies and demonstrate your best tactical approach to gain domination in great PVP encounters, alliance wars and global events. Establish your best attack strategy to crush your rivals and be an invincible defender of your stronghold.

You can join forces with the long-awaited Emperor and launch a massive military campaign against your enemies. Experience what it feels like to grow a powerful empire with good economics and mighty troops. Be a solo player or find allies to get together with on the road to victory. Create and expand a royal family with commanders and governors you can trust to manage your domains. Take part in highly competitive and glorious tournaments where you can test your strategy skills at war and eventually conquer desired lands.


- Build, develop and expand your empire

- Create or be part of an alliance

- Create, expand and lead your royal family

- Be a despotic or a merciful ruler

- Be head of true medieval battle units

- Decide on the way you govern your domains

- Participate in global PvP wars

- Gain domination in epic PvE events

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