MultiTask Downloader

MultiTask Downloader

Version 1.8.3
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MultiTask Download Manager with super-featured tools from the marketplace for free.

The versatile downloader utilizes the latest and fastest file download algorithms for fast downloading of any file, including movie clip software and more.

One of the most important features of the universal downloader is the following:

- Ability to download multiple files simultaneously without loss of speed

- Ability to restrict download speed

- Ability to schedule start and end downloads for its å Auto Download Cup

- Bilingual menu and the ability to change the language of the program into Persian and Latin

- It's an advanced installer for downloading Photos and Clips from Instagram with content sharing capabilities

- Detect download links for all files without having to copy to the program

- Advanced file manager for managing downloaded files

- Ability to filter and search downloaded files

- Has an internal browser for viewing unreleased websites and links

- Easy to use and great graphics

- Totally free without any annoying ads on the app

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