Mersad ToolKit

Mersad ToolKit

Version 2.0
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Merasad Toolkit, More Than 20 Opportunities That Are Surely Needed

With Merasad Toolkit:
You can download Instagram photo, video and full profile photo
You can delete your Instagram account
Have a small, decent calendar
You can tell your telegram and leave the phone's memory
You can clear your telegram account
A secret gallery to hide your photos and videos
History has become Succession, Lunar, AD
Have a compass and a toothed cable
Have a fantastic complete notepad
You can clear the duplicate contacts from the phone
You can have a good Churchill
An accountant will be required to register and remind you
There is a perfect cronometer in this box tool
+ Other features that surprise you
Be sure to use the round plate to make your phone look different!

This app has great functionality that each of us definitely needs one or more of these features, and certainly we can not use these tools together in one program. Having a toolbox on your Android phone or tablet, you can be sure that the set of applications and performance you need are always with you.

The toolkit application has utility and utility tools such as composite, reverse engineering, flashlight, speedometer and many other application tools. In fact, this software can be considered a Swiss horseshoe for Android, but it also has the capabilities and many applications that require a lot of programs.

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