Calendar Mourning Scents

Calendar Mourning Scents

Version 2.1.1
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✅ Calendar Mourning Scents am just a simple calendar but also a wealth of features at your disposal that to date there have been no similar programs

📝 some of the features of the program:

♒️ alarm speaker

Spokesman 📳Sat

Smart Online 🗨

🔰 smart widget

💠 Pen Quran

💮 words of elders

🈹 Birthday Finder

☑️ Holiday Finder

♒️ prayers and pilgrimage

🚼 conversion date

Smart Audio 📢 Mafatih

🚺 divination Quran

🔺 video Culture | Religious

Salavat's 🔷

❇️ compass

🔃 alerts and reminders

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If the program was 🔴 about your satisfaction with the Hatton and introduce the program to the friends support us 🌹🌹

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