Fit show | Club and home practice

Fit show | Club and home practice

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Fit show | Club and home exercises from beginner to specialized with daily content and recipes

What good is fitness to us?

Well, in this application, we have provided you with facilities such as home training and club training and club or non-club nutrition !!

Club training | Homemade :

Well, this part is related to home and club sports, which have been prepared and designed for you, dear users and athletes, from the most beginner to the most specialized mode, whether at home or at the club.

These exercises are provided for you from the most basic or without any sports equipment to the most professional situations with precise details and very beautiful and stylish content so that you can choose your favorite movements from them and design a sports program for yourself with all the details. Or better to say, with this application, you can become your own coach ..! But with open eyes and up-to-date information.

Also, in the application services, you can write and use your programs in writing.

However, you will not be relieved of the worries of not exercising properly or not exercising under the pretext of losing or not having an exercise program.

Daily Articles:

Well, this part of the app gives you up-to-date content related to exercise, beauty, nutrition, and personal health, and you can make good use of all of this content and increase your knowledge in these three areas to make troublesome mistakes. Don't be!

Also, in this part of the application, many of your ambiguities and sports questions will be revealed!

Daily Knowledge:

In this part of the application, it will bring you the knowledge in the interface, regardless of what you use it for.

In addition, it informs you about the properties, benefits and harms of many fruits, vegetables, etc.

Daily Diets:

In this section, all the health-oriented and low-calorie recipes and cooking-oriented recipes will be provided for you, and it will eliminate the need for a cookbook and cooking worries!

Application services:

Calculation of body mass index

Daily reminder of exercise

Timer - stopwatch when exercising

Write the program manually

Your specialized programs with accurate and stylish content and image

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