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Hassid Cassa Software with Audio and Persian Translation

Jabrine Abdullah Ansari narrates from Fatima Ali Hashemlam saying:

One day my father came to me with God's messenger. Then my children were Hassan and Hussein and then Amir al-Mu'minin Ali. We were all gathered under a gown.

My father took both sides of the gown and pointed to the sky with his right hand and said: "Our Lord! These are my friends and relatives; their meat is my meat and their blood is my blood. Anyone who hits them will hurt me. With those who fight with them, I tolerate war and those who tolerate them. Enemies are enemies and I love their friends. These are from me and I am from them. Lord! Deliver salat and blessings and mercy and forgiveness and satisfaction upon me and on them, and turn them away from any rancor and filthiness. "

Allah, the Exalted, said: "Oh, angels!" I did not create the heavens, the earth, the moon, the sun, and the stars, except for the love of these five clean woods that are placed under this cloak. "

Then Gibreel revealed this verse to the Prophet: "Anma Yaridullah is the prophet of Allah, and he is Allah and Allah is poorly tainted." (Parties, verse 33) (The Lord will purify and pollute the evil from the Ahl al-Bayt).

Some features of the program:
- Simple and attractive environment
- Great and beautiful graphics
- Appropriate volume of the program

- Beautiful soundtrack

And ... .

pleas pry for me.

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