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Certainly all gamer, especially those interested in micro console and Wii Mario mushroom tailored or know. Mario is one of the oldest symbols of the gaming world

That most people have good memories with him.

The game befitting the mushroom are three versions of the game is that all three versions.

Super Mario 1

Super Mario 2

Super Mario 3

Creek mushroom game (Super Mario) You must escape from the reservoir fungi and birds moving into the castle, you then find their way to the dragon and kill him, save the princess.

John added by picking up coins along the way you can. Laughing also eat fungi can grow.

The most important features of the game Super Mario:

- Graphics same as the original

- A great number of

- Very good control on character

- Low volume game

- Ability to play the keyboard in the computer simulator

I hope your memories alive with assorted fungi play and enjoy the game.

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