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Pheasant training education

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Pheasant training education app
Pygmard breeding in recent years has become a major branch of breeding of birds in many countries around the world for the use of meat, hunting and hunting. Although the bird is practically motivated by its scum, it is one of the most lucrative birds in comparison with other birds of the same size, considering the environmental feasibility and the rare nature of the wild.

Pheasants are indigenous and rare birds in Iran that live in rangeland and bushes. This bird is called in the local tongue or tongue. Pheasant is one of the most beautiful birds in Iran and is considered to be a kind of biodiversity of Iran, which can be useful in preserving crops with nutrition from plant seeds and insects.
In this app, we tried to provide you with a very interesting and useful information about raising camels to your loved ones to become a camel breeder.

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