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A special program to Learn Adobe Flash And Action Script3
Do you want to start adobe flash for the first time ?
Do yo want to make animations with flash ?
Do you want to make a cd Cataloge or a Website or even a tutorial cd ?
Do you want to learn action script 3 ?
Do you need a quick tutorial to do your student project ?
Do you want to jump into work by learning the flash ?

This program will be your helper and friend to get to your aim

The topics :

Learn Flash and animation
Season 1 : getting know the flash
Season 2 :getting know to tools of flash
Season 3 : align the Objects
Season 4 : diferent type of animations
Season 5 : symobls in flash
Season 6 : advanced technic to make animations
Learn Action Script 3
Introduction to as3
Define Variable
Loop rings
Make object and so on …
The next update topics
Xml ReadAndWrite
How to work with Classes
Object oriented
And …
supports Version
2.2 and Higher

Access to :
Prevent screen to turning off

Resources :
1- adapted from Mr Habib Forozande's book Plus my personal Experiences
2-Learn Action Script 3 from Seyed Mohamadjavad Nikokar Plus my personal Experiences
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