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Fat Gram

Life in Fitins style

Collaborate on sales

All approved coaches can sell fittings and licensed supplements, or sell X-supplements (the official sponsor of the FitGram) and benefit from the benefits of selling it.

Train tips for bodybuilding and weight loss

By subscribing to the FitzGram, you can view health and weight training tips on your profile and discuss yourself with yourself.

online chat

Ability to chat online for all users individually and individually for the exchange of information and all sports and fitness activities of the specialized community and groups. The possibility of forming spatial and temporal groups for bodybuilding in terms of gym clubs and professional coaches.

Bodybuilding social network

The Social Network is a dynamic network for communication between coaches and fitness enthusiasts. This website is the first user-centric web site for bodybuilding.

Ability to create profiles

All fitness enthusiasts can discuss and discuss by signing up for Physics. Coaches can also help students increase their field of activity by using approved profiles.

The possibility of creating training courses

Certified fitness educators can build and train their students to earn money for their training courses. Honored athletes can also take part in these courses according to the mentor's plan and go online under the best bodybuilders in Iran. To be


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