استخاره با قرآن

استخاره با قرآن

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The Quranic software will help you with the Holy Quran and you can choose the right path ....

The word is in the word means to seek the best and seek for good, and in the term is a kind of prayer in doing what good and evil are covered by man. Sheikh Mofid knows what he wants to do. In the matter of Mobah or to leave the Mustahab, due to his conflict with another Mustahab

 Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

 Ask God for the good of your work, and do not vote for yourself; it is possible that someone has taken on a vote that has been destroyed.


The Holy Qur'an Program:
You will be given answers in three ways each time you want to do it
1. Overall Outcome
2. The result of your marriage
3. The transaction result for your intention

A simple and stylish app
Wherever you are, without the need for the Qur'an, and choose the right path with the trust of God ...

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