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The pleasant sound of Professor Mohsen Farahmand

The great scholars, and all who walk in the path of action, use the prayer of the resort as a firm thread to reach its adversaries.

The prayers of Tuskal have been brought to Allah Majlesi in Bhararalanvar, saying that this prayer was narrated by Muhammad ibn Babawayh of the Imams (AS) and said that I did not read this prayer at all, unless I found the effect soon.

In this prayer, we ask God to turn our back to God by resorting to the fourteen infallibles (as) and placing them in the hands of God after the completion of the prayer. The words of Sadr and the following are as follows: "Allah and Imam Ali, and Allah, the Blessed One," ... O God, I will call for you and come to you, to your Prophet, the Prophet of mercy ... "or Vijah,'Andullah Shafa'a Lena'Andullah"; O God of God, intercede for us with God. (Mufti, now, prayer of the resort, p. 225)

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pleas pry for me.

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