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The first online purchase of antivirus licenses

Looking for a quick and easy way to buy antivirus licenses and extend your license?

With the Antivirus-kala app, you just have to select the brand antivirus product and choose the product you want, and by paying the invoice through the online payment gateway, you will be promptly promptly provided with an antivirus license in your email and account. Get it

Reduce the cost and affordability of antivirus

We buy the licenses we have provided to our users directly and directly from their respective companies, and because they do not pay for additional charges such as shipping, tax, CD burning, printing labels, etc. Excess licensing costs are much less expensive than other vendors.

Features of antivirus software product

Online shopping and online delivery of Antivirus Licensing

Expert review and complete product details

Payments online through secure online payment port

All submitted licenses are original.

Support 7 days a week and 24 hours

Guaranteed the best and most suitable price

Trust and Original Licensing

The online anti-virus product store has the necessary licenses, such as the registration at the center of the Iranian websites, the license of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (the symbol of electronic trust) and has online payment portals.

In addition to this, all information including call phones, addresses, account numbers, and more are included on the site.

Warranty and money back guarantee

All purchased products are original and have a one-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee

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