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In the name of Allah

With the advanced pdf app, you can create and enjoy a professional pdf maker with the best quality standard and meta keys.


✅ Convert a photo to pdf

✅ Text to pdf

✅ Convert photo and text simultaneously to pdf

✅ Advanced file management and ability to delete, edit and share

✅ Ability to encode pdf file

✅ Adjusts the quality of the photo to reduce file size

✅ Effects and image editing pdf

✅ Ability to rebuild pdf file

✅ Live and direct view of file output

✅ Asking to get user permission to access the file

✅ Help me for different parts

✅ Automatic backup of files

✅ Ability to change pdf output folder in settings

✅ Open source and use for everyone to see the source here

Important note :

This software is a PDF maker and is not a PDF reader, so it is recommended to open PDF file. Adobe Reader will install this link or crack in the market.

Hope you enjoy 

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