Comprehensive Banking Services

Comprehensive Banking Services

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Comprehensive Banking Services application is the perfect application for your daily business stuff. With its diverse services, you can meet all your daily needs. You are surely tired of standing in the long queues of the banks and the ATMs. Save money with the "Comprehensive Banking Services (Money Transfer + Inventory)" application.


Some services of “Comprehensive Banking Services” include:


1 - Banking services (Mobile bank): Access to banking services for banks such as transfer of funds (card to card), receipt of inventory, withdrawal without card, receipt of SHABA, payment of installments and other unique services ....

2. Simcard Top-op (Talktime): You can use this application to top op all of your simcards including Irancell, MCI, and Rightel with just one click without internet or paying extra taxes.

3. Bill Payment: With the "Comprehensive Banking Services" application, you are able to pay all bills of water, electricity, gas, landline telephone, mobile phone, etc.

4 - Operator Service: Comprehensive service of all operators including Irancell, MCI, and Rightel right in your hands. These services include all basic services provided by Irancell, MCI, and Rightel on the USSD platform, which includes: Free Calling Service, No SMS Reception, receiving notification when a friend’s mobile phone is turned on, 3G to 4G Conversion, and many other various services.

5 – Automobile Fine Bills: A car’s fine bill payment without any extra costs with complete details. Paying any fine bills with any details including type, reason, place, date, time, and price along with paying all the driving fine bills and the ability to check for negative points and car accidents.

6 - Car services: You can easily perform tasks with your phone, such as paying a fine bill, tracking a driving license, tracking a vehicle identification card, and tracking motorcycle documents.

7 - Internet Shopping: Purchase Irancell, MCI and Rightel Internet Package with Bank Card and also top-up SimCard + Purchasing Irancell WiMAX + Buying and Upgrading HighSpeed ADSL

8. Reminders for Installments: Do not worry about losing your installments. Just enter your installment time in the program so we can remind you at a specific time.


(Note that this is not a full version. Also, for the sake of your security, Comprehensive Banking Services application will link you to the bank websites or USSD bank codes for banking services such as transferring funds, receiving inventory, … . Also, all the banking affairs will be done directly inside the application.)











Application resources:

MCI Website:

Irancell Website:

Rightel Website:

Iran Meteorological Organization

Anzal Web Website:

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Post Office:

Morahem Website

Police +10 Website:

Iran Esalat Website:

Iran Constitution Website:

Rond Website:

Social Security WebSite:

Flat Icon Website:

Edaftar Website:

Banki Website:

IICA site:

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