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In this app, we tried to provide you very interesting and useful information about the ass to your loved ones.

Donkey, ass or lizard (Equus africanus asinus) is a domestic animal of the horse family. The wild African savanna is the wildlife of domestic donkeys. This animal was domesticated in Egypt or Mesopotamia about 5000 years ago. People use this animal more often than not. The world's population grows to more than 40 million. Donkey in folk culture in many countries is a symbol of stupidity and obstinacy.

An average midwife has about one meter of shoulder area, but its various races vary in size. Sicilian donuts are only 61 centimeters tall, while American donuts have been seen at 167 centimeters high. The color of the donkeys is from white to gray or black. Donkeys, although horseradish, are steeper, and are capable of handling heavy loads in difficult ways. The mule is a hybrid animal that is born of male and female horse mating, and its feeding power is much greater than donkey and horse.

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