Hide or Seek-Squid Game Mod

Hide or Seek-Squid Game Mod

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Do you want to be the Younghee Robot in the squid game?
Or do you want to be chased by her?
Hide or Seek-Squid Game Mod is an addictive 3d classic hide and seek game with squid game mod. Do you want to experience the thrill of survival? This game will be your best choice!

- You can choose between two camps: seeker and hider.
- At the beginning of the game, there is 5 seconds for the hider to hide himself behind the wall.
- After the time is over, the seeker can catch the hider by their intuition and the paint marks on the ground!

1. Beautiful 3D visual effects, unique squid game mod.
2. Randomly play as seeker or hider.
3. Completely offline and free to play.
4. Props can be used in the game, and the classic hide-and-seek game is brand new, bringing you a different experience.
5. Various cool skins are waiting for you to use.

Both adults and children can play hide and seek in this game! Download Hide or Seek and have fun!