Urdu Shayari poetry on picture

Urdu Shayari poetry on picture

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With Urdu poetry on picture: Urdu Shayari & status maker app, one can write Urdu text on photos very easily and also share with your family and friends. You don't need any graphic software for editing or adding Urdu Shayari. Select the desired picture, write whatever you want like Urdu shayari (Urdu poetry) etc. The new Urdu text on picture: Urdu Shayari & status maker app is one of the best designing and Urdu writing apps. With Urdu keyboard app now you can write shayari in Urdu on your photos with beautiful styles. For social media you don't need any laptop or computer to design your Urdu post. Urdu Poetry on photo app helps users to create their posts for social media in more modern styles.
Urdu on picture app helps users to write Urdu text on photos easily with different fonts and styles. Urdu Poetry on photos provides help to users to add Urdu text to photos. Urdu Shayari has a huge collection of sad poetry, romantic poetry, Allama Iqbal poetry, aqwal zareen, punjabi poetry, dosti shayari, jaun elia poetry and plenty of other Urdu shayari. You can also write shayari with editing tools in Urdu on picture apps. Urdu shayari app helps you to edit and share pictures once you write on pictures.
Urdu in pictures is very helpful for creating posts or making advertisements for any purposes. With Urdu poetry on photo app, users can write Urdu poetry, Islamic posts and any other kind of Urdu post. Urdu shayari is for adding Urdu text on photos with attractive designs. Writing Urdu on picture or poetry on photos is never an easy job. But with Urdu poetry on photo make it very simple to use. Urdu poetry apps allow you to express your feelings with loved ones by writing shayari.

Main Features

★ Write Urdu text (Poetry/ shayari) easily or select shayari from the collection.
★ Adjust poetry text according to your need like move, rotate or Flip with easy to control.
★ Customize your Shayari text by adding colors, shadow and stroke to text.
★ Select beautiful and stylish fonts for your poetry text.
★ Urdu poetry app allows you to align, edit poetry text and photos.
★ Users can also use Gallery pictures and use them as background photos.
★ Share your pictures on social media platforms just by one click.
★ Design a stylish text wallpaper for your phone and display photos.
★ Huge collection of Urdu poetry, sad Urdu shayari, romantic poetry and dosti shayari.
★ Increase, decrease, zooming and resize options in Urdu poetry text fonts.

How to Use :
☀ Open Urdu text on picture: Urdu Shayari & status maker app.
☀ Search for your desired Urdu poetry/shayari (sad poetry, romantic shayari, Iqbal poetry, John Elia).
☀ Apply fonts and color from a list to make text stylish.
☀ Easily resize stylish text on photo.
☀ Change the color of urdu text to make it more stylish according to the photo.
☀ Save the photo to the gallery.
☀ Share with your family and friends.

Download our Urdu Shayari App and express your feelings to your loved ones through romantic, sad or love poetry.