German Listen and Read ( Learn German )

German Listen and Read ( Learn German )

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In this free application, you will find many stories, written and narrated, which will vary depending on your German skill. There are different lessons sorted by levels, at the end of each story, you will get a series of questions that will help you to verify your understanding.

In addition, you can adjust the speed of the audio while listening to the story.

This application will be useful if you are studying German and you want to improve your German skills. This application is made for anybody who want to acquire German as a new language.

New stories will be published weekly, so you may be able to improve continuously. We want to support you on the way to learn the German language.

Take your time, read the stories, and answer the questions and don't forget to listen to the audios so that you know the correct pronunciation.


• Night mode
• 100% Free
•As an option, you may download individual stories (images, text and audio) in order to use this App offline whenever and wherever you want.
• Quiz with 5 Questions per story

If you have any remark about how to improve the application, we will be thankful to you in advance. Just send us your suggestion by e-mail at

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