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Have you ever dreamed of programming on your phone?Now it can be true.PlcEdit can help you learning PLC and programming PLC.

PlcEdit is a PLC-Programming application ,which supports Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Siemens series.

1. PlcEdit supports most of the register's operators used by Mitsubishi,Siemens and Panasonic.
2.PlcEdit supports writing PLC program, saving files and uploading to your computers.
3. PlcEdit provides large numbers of examples, such as traffic's light , elevator-control, three-phase alternator/asynchronous , etc.
4.No need to connect devices, PlcEdit supports simulating on your phone, viewing the value of each register variable. When the PLC procedure runs,you can modify the register variable,observe how the register variable change and how PLC works.
5.Operating Panel ,which embeds in PlcEdit ,is provided to facilitate viewing the value of register variable.

This app is widely used by students,teachers and also
PLC engineers.Students can better understand the function of the register operators.Teachers can educate students in class by PlcEdit. Engineers can check the PLC Ladder design on the spot when they are on a business travel.