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Battle City

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<2015نبرد بزرگ تانکها> is a remake of the classic tank game Battle City on FC. It combined the classic Battle City elements and innovatiing game play! Download and try this yourself!

<Battle City 2015> is not only a tank shooter, you can upgrade your tank, build defence towers. There are so many tanks you can choose from: vintage tanks from WWII and Sci-Fi tanks from the future! Drive and upgrade your own tanks, exprience all 10 special levels, and so much more fun tasks. 

#Special Information#
* All 3D world, you can destory anything you want!
* Many kinds of defence towers to choose from, and different kinds of environment to explore! 
* Not like the old 'Battle City', now you have so much more tanks in your garage!
* Upgrade your tank! Kill the boss with one shot!

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