Word Game - Addictive Puzzle & Merge Fun

Word Game - Addictive Puzzle & Merge Fun

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Crack password! Escape from aliens! Upgrade spaceship to speed up during fugitive!

To be a spaceship captain! Lost in space and imprisoned by evil aliens! Crack the password of the prison door, escape from there by spaceship. Collect resources from different planet to upgrade your spaceship and get rid of aliens.

What? You’re not an excellent captain? Your achievements will beat others!

This is an innovative game, we have a new game genre combination and new type word game. Classical merge game with a familiar feeling, and add a fresh word game.

Different from typical word games, It‘s short and logical! You won’t need to try all possibility of the limited letters to solve one puzzle anymore, now each level involves only one word, you need to follow the preceding tries to speculate the word we want you to submit. Hope you like it!

--- FEATURES ---

MERGE VS WORD - Never seen this before!😀
NEW word gameplay, good news for word gamer!😍
1,000+ word puzzles and ramp up fast.💥
★ Even more DIFFICULT challenges for word game master!🏆
CLASSICAL merge with FRESH experience!😊
UPGRADE your spaceship, make the best spaceship! 🚀
★ More than 40+ kinds of spaceships.🔥
EASY CONTROLS - Play with just one thumb! 👍
★ Suitable for both kids and adults to train LOGIC skills.⭐
ADDICTIVE - the autopilot takes control of idle progress.❤️
PLAY ANYWHERE - No internet connection needed😎

Play now! Start exploring the mysterious place today!

We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips in the comments.