CARS LW(wmsofts)

CARS LW(wmsofts)

Version 1.0
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In the name of Allah
wm soft offers .
Producer : Ali Moghimi

Maybe you 're just like everyone likes to give Gvshytvn a fundamental change .

Well ! Thus, after a headshake alone love Zmynshvn car photos Laqshvn Bzarn up !

But it 's only a picture and a little boring after I buy them patiently enduring change the image manually do !

Well, this program is a collection of luxury cars and beautiful HD pictures in our place .
Like cars ( Mercedes Benz - BMW - Ferrari - Lamborghini and ... )
This program will change images every 20 seconds .
And of good quality ( depending on the quality of the phone ) have .
Note: After installing the program is not applicable.
Therefore, it should enable the livewallpapers !

I hope you like it Nzrhatvn glad you've come up with the next version of a fundamental change that you do not think about him !
I , too, check out my other apps !

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