Lords of War

Category Strategy
Active Installs 1,000+
Size 308.5 MB
Offers IAP purchases


Game Introduction:

《Lords of War》is an innovative 3D card game that incorporates RTS and TCG. Although game design may resemble turn-based TCG/CCG games, game mechanics is more like a real-time 3D card-based roleplaying game – this combination provides an entirely new gaming experience.

【Exciting gameplay】

  -The game combines RTS and TCG gaming, bringing together strategy and excitement;

  -A large variety of teams allows players to change tactics and strategies - anyone can become the Lord;

  -You can compete with players from all over the world using a real-time matchmaking system;

  -There is something for everyone: story mode, quick matches, ranked seasons, competitions, and a variety of playing styles and techniques;


【Unique and extremely immersive 3D battlefields】

  -Multiple camera angles and perspectives, 360 degrees mode and epic visual effects;

  -Different battlefields: hell, heaven, desert, glacier - that will take you to the heart of the most epic battles;

  -Unique characters and models, rich skill system - command your troops and fight your way to victory;


【Competitive gameplay with social features】

  -Every player can obtain all hero and troop cards in a fair competitive environment;

  -Real-time matchmaking system - you will always be able to find a worthy opponent who is eager to challenge you!

  -A well-established social system: chat, friends list, match replays, and dueling system to help you find friends in the game;


Key Words:

3D + RTS + TCG

Duel Globle Players In Real Time

Challenge High Difficulty Adventure

Expand Your Collection and Decks

Get Top Achievement And Glory


1. Pre-boot modification: We modified the game's entire pre-rhythm and unlocked levels of each function

2. New game trials: New game trials help players better understand the game

3. New game currency diamonds: Rechargeable diamonds to buy various game items

4. Level Adjustment: We adjusted the difficulty and content of the level

5. Activity adjustment: The game's event novice gift pack and monthly card player removed the purchase time limit

6. Lucky Pool Adjustment: Optimized rewards and display for lucky pool cumulative delivery

7. BUG repair: Fixed BUG found

8. Arena Rewards Adjustment: It is easier to win cards after victory


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