Project Eagle 3D

Project Eagle 3D

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“Project Eagle” is a defense plan of country X which is released in 2046 to defense the terrorist organizations and zombie attack .In 2046 a World War break out throughout the world,communications between all countriesis are interrupted , the corpses lie all over the world for a long time but nobody to clean-up , until one day Evil Dead happened. All the bodies become bloody zombies. A terrorist organization use zombie to launch an massive attack against country X . Country X releases " Project Eagle " plan timely to deal with the risk of terrorist attacks. At national borders ,tall defensive structures are built o resist the invasion and proliferation of zombie . Fight and fly elites are sent to fly over the defensive structures to exchange information with the Allies and seek for help. But,there are already some zombies climb over the defensive structures. So elites must start off immediately , destroy zombies ,take the important intelligence to the Allies ! "

Game Features :
1, game leader board 
2 , special tracking missile systems which lock the enemy quickly and destroy them.
3 , realistic 3D sound effects, simulating real combat experience
4 , gravity sensor operation, experience the fun of flying
5 , random event triggers , constantly surprises
6 , multi- tasking, multi- play

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