Gun Shot Striker

Gun Shot Striker

نسخه ۱.۸
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۲۰ مگابایت

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《Gun Shot Striker》is coming now! This game with minimal client reached comparable masterpiece picture effect. It takes a general mode of operation, the operation simple and easy to start. The difference is each level requires players to buy weapons and ammunition, to choose their own weapons to complete the level challenge. You can get the gold coins by shooting the enemys. Of course, in the game if there are weapons found on the ground, you can pick it up to use. The game is completely free, quickly download experience it! Remember to buy enough guns and ammunition in advance before entering the game!

★The game features: ★
★1,Game rankings system, the global athletics.
★2.Slide the sensitivity adjustment function to adapt to different equipment operating needs.
★3,The micro client, the ultimate picture experience.

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