Pandemic Leader

Pandemic Leader

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A devastating disease is spreading across the world, mercilessly ravaging countries in its path, and your country is going to be its very next victim.

There is only one person who can stop this carnage. You!

You are the leader of your country and the fate of your country lies in your hands. Using your unmatched intelligence and quick thinking you will take critical decisions that could save your country and your citizens from the jaws of death

1) Manage the Pandemic
- Protect your citizens and make them more Resistant
- Spread Awareness about the disease so that your people can look after themselves
- Increase stock of necessary medical equipment and upgrade the medical infrastructure of your country
- Ramp up Screening and Testing measures to quickly detect and treat the disease
- Quickly Develop a Vaccine and Cure to save as many people as possible
- Keep an eye on the progression of the disease using trackers and graphs

2) Manage Resources
- You have limited resources such as Cash and Workforce at your disposal and you will have to make do with what you have.
- Play the ultimate balancing act while taking important decisions, weighing the pros and cons of each and every decision.
- Manage your Popularity as well the Support of your government, don't let it fall too low or you will be forced to resign

3) Manage Departments
- Control nine distinct departments each having their own roles and responsibilities and decide which department does what and when. Time management is critical
- Keep each department contented and have them carry out your decisions without impeding your way

4) Manage your Country
- The state of the government as well as your country will have a strong impact on how well you can do your job and protect your country
- Take decisions that can reduce Corruption, Unemployment and Poverty, and increase Government Unity, Competence and Research Capabilities
- Trade with other countries to improve the countries' financial situation or stock up on critical medical supplies
- Manage Individual States/Provinces, monitor monetary and transmission status, and any other requirements of each individual state and take actions accordingly
- Run for elections and ensure that you remain popular among your citizens to win it

5) Choose Leader Traits
- Customize your leader and choose from 15 unique character traits, each giving a different bonus to your leadership
- Pick and choose a combination which works for you the best

6) Compete with World Leaders
- Record the highest scores and compete with leaders from all around the world
- Collect daily rewards based on your scores and unlock more content

7) Custom Game
- Highly customizable sandbox game editor
- Create your own disease, your own country and choose your own win conditions

8) In-game Feedback System
- Share your feedback, ideas or suggestions directly with the developer through the in-game feedback
- Check the developer response and discuss further

Eradicate the disease while also fulfilling all objectives set by the government and you can win the game.

5 different diseases to choose from, each having their own unique quirks

Play with 17 different countries, each having their own strengths and weaknesses

3 Difficulty Modes which will greatly test your decision making skills

Fast paced action using the time jump feature, resulting in game sessions ending within half an hour.

Unlock more game content as you progress. Have total control on what you want to unlock. There is a ton of content available and no payment wall. You only need to rely on your skill to take you to the end

This game is completely FREE with no in-app purchases. There are ads but it is up to you whether you want to watch them to gain a slight benefit, or just play hardcore

Now available in 9 different languages!

Features Coming Next
- Special disease called Z-Virus