Smart Face Editing

Smart Face Editing

Version 1.0.1
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Photo Editing Software - Face Editing

The largest and most complete set of faces with about 1000 different items!
Change your face or friends with hundreds of different and high quality items!
Make yourself more beautiful, get uglier or make funny faces fun!
Different models of beard and mustache, hair, lens and eyes, nose, lips ... Test yourself or others See what you look like!

It allows you to save photos or share photos to various software (Line, WatSpeak, Viber, etc.).

With 16 different categories:

Beard, Sibyl, Dice, Lips and Mouth, Masturbation, Female Hair, Eyebrows, Ears, Nose, Hats, Glasses, Facials of Zombie and Scary Musical Instruments, Tie and Bowls, Cigarette, Mask, Sticker, Comic Items
About 1000 different models!

Some features of the program:
20 different categories of items
About 1000 different items
Possibility to return to previous or next action
Possibility of photo storage
Sharing a photo

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