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The text of 23 books from the works of Professor Hosseini Ghazvini includes the following books: Musu'at al-Amam al-Javad (AS), al-Amam al-Qazim (AS), al-Amam al-Reza (AS), al-Amam al-Jūdad (AS), al-Amam al-Hadī (AS), al- Forty questions about Imamate and Caliphate, Ghadir's incident, Qassat al-Hawar al-Hadī and his translation, A critique of the book "The Principles of Almadah al-Shi'a", Hadith al-Ghadir And the hypocrite Jash Aliman, the doubts and limitations surrounding Al Zahra (PBUH), Wahhabism from the point of view of reason and religion, debates and ...

Nearly 350 article titles on issues of Imamate and Providence, defending Shi'a, answering the Wahhabistic doubts with images of the source texts of the book in the text of the book and article

Question and Answer
433 question and answer questions regarding Wahhab's doubts and defending Shi'a beliefs as categorized

690 lecture titles with text and audio file link (You must connect to the internet to use the audio file) from Dr. Hosseini Qazvini on the hi-satellite network, provincial satellite network, Fayyazia, universities of the country and ...

Courses (Rijal and the same jurisprudence and coincidental words)

53 titles of RJAL lessons for bases 8, 9 and 10 of the field (Rijal and Dari) with the text and audio file link and 780 titles of text and audio file link (you must connect to the Internet to use audio files) Mogharnah and the words of the co-author of the master Hosseini Ghazvini from 2006 to 1397

Under titles such as: familiarity with contemporary jurisprudence, the history of hadith, marriage marriage, the prayer of the tarawih, the memorial of al-Haj, the third testimony, the summation between the platinum, the ablution from the viewpoint of the friqīān, the adhan from the viewpoint of the friqīān ...

635 Title Video file with explanations and key words from professor lectures in satellite networks (This is the epitome of Hadith program of province (pictorial))

145 PowerPoint PowerPoint files from the teacher's tutorials on how to respond to Wahhabi's doubts and defend the privacy of Imamate and Providence

Includes textbooks and audio files of Professor Hosseini Ghazvini's discussions with Wahhabi scholars and elders.

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