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Once upon a time in every Iranian's house, was a Divan of Hafiz. But now each of us has a mobile phone in our pockets, however the word of Hafiz and his poems are always in our hearts. So if you want to read his Ghazals, or use his poems in your Hafiz Readings and get your readings, you can use Hafiznameh App to do it all.


Hafiznameh with its beautiful and minimal design, which is driven from traditional Persian designs, shows you all the poets of Hafiz with their interpretations, the same as its genuine books. All for FREE...


To get your reading, just think about your question, open the Divan, and Hafiz will speak to you himself...


Anytime, and anywhere, with any mood, you can choose a music form the app...


You can choose your favourite poems and add them to your favourite list, to easily access them anytime you want...


You can easily search a word or a sentence to find a specific poem or ghazal...


By sharing your favourite ghazals on social media, making groups and inviting your friends, you can have and enjoy Hafiz Readings with your friends anytime and anywhere you want...



Presage & interpretations of poems

Divan of Hafiz & its interpretation

Searching through all his Ghazals

Sharing all poems and their interpretations on Telegram, Instagram, ...


اضافه شدن تگ برای هر فال و عکس نوشته


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In Media

خدمتی به ادبیات کهن - حافظ نامه در ذره بین

ازدیرباز ما ایرانیان هروقت حال گرفته ای داشتیم یا مشوش و سردرگم بودیم، با تفألی برحافظ و پند خواجه شیرازی دلمان قرص می شد، اما افسوس که در این برهه زمانی کمتر تلاشی برای زنده نگاه داشتن گنجینه حافظ نزد مردم صورت می گیرد. مشغله های امروزی باعث می شود کم کم مهر بزرگان ادبیات کمرنگ شود و همین امر سبب می شود نسل های بعد از شناخت این بزرگان بی بهره بمانند و اشعار کهن برای آیندگان غریبه شود. البته در این دیار هستند جوانانی که راهی برای این معضل اندیشیده اند و دسترسی به دیوان ارزشمندی مانند حافظ را آسان نموده اند. با ذره بین همراه باشید تا این راه را به شما نشان دهیم.


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