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Secure remote access to µTorrent from anywhere.

µTorrent Remote is part of the latest µTorrent for Windows and Mac. This Android app securely connects to your home computer from anywhere you have an internet connection. Use µTorrent Remote to add, remove, start, stop torrents and check your download progress. Check your RSS feeds and start downloads on the go. Use your mobile browser to find torrents and they will automatically be added to your home µTorrent! Completed downloads can even be shifted directly back to your Android device for local playback.

The service is designed with privacy in mind. This means that you can be certain that there is no personal information about your BitTorrent usage that is ever exposed to us or anyone else. More info here https://remote.utorrent.com/srp/privacy

µTorrent Remote works with µTorrent 3 for Windows and µTorrent 1.5 Mac. You will need to download, install and configure your home computer with an account to use µTorrent Remote. Setup instructions at https://remote.utorrent.com/signup

Feature suggestions? http://www.utorrent.com/ideabank
Support questions? androidremote@bittorrent.com

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