Total Training Station

Total Training Station

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Today, Total Stations are the most common and simplest devices are mapped in Iran and around the world, total stations Aztlfyq Tvlyab with theodolite are sophisticated devices capable of displaying real-time coordinates of points, a lot of problems along the way and angle old is the fix. Series Total Stations Leica Total Station product of Switzerland's best-selling products in Iran. Because of workmanship and menus are very simple and user friendliness than the total of the other main stations very reasonable prices. These devices are two models Leica TS02 TS06 and the company replaced the previous model, the TC407 and TC805 is that in terms of accuracy and speed are much more powerful than its predecessor.

This program is suitable for most engineering disciplines such as civil engineering , engineering surveying , engineering, architecture , engineering , electrical power , natural resources , geology , mining engineering , civil engineering , agricultural engineering , geography, and in general for all those areas of their work will be useful in their respective fields .  The following applications use a lot of camera Total Station that we have explained in the application image .

1. Surveying

2. Stake out

3. Free station

4. Reference Line

5. Tie Distance

6. Remote Height

7. Area

8. Construction

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