Charge White

Charge White

Version 3.0.0
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Compact and ultra-practical program !!!

Maybe you have already come to that in Telegram, WhatsApp and other social programs with this Mzmvn received messages:

- The number 1 to number 2000 free of charge so go get it.
- On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, Christmas free of charge (eg by sending a number 2 to a certain number)

But every time you try or the last time you saw or Srkaryh or slave Sharzhtv.

Our solution. . .

Our software you downloaded.

Every time we send you the code free of charge and you can use and Halshv Bryd.dakhl software free of charge amount and the date it is known.

You can either help us, if you speak free of charge, within the app (write trick charge) trick for us, our group then check and correct, you have to trick your name in the program send.

The benefits of application:

Pshtbyanb of 3 operators (MCI, MTN, Rightel)

Ultra-low volume

Attractive graphics and animation

Comment and Like other possible charges Free For Members

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