Muharram (mourning, ringtones ...)

Muharram (mourning, ringtones ...)

Version 1.0.1
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This software is absolutely free.

The program is facing a lot of effort in which we have tried to consider the different parts of an application at your disposal our loved ones.

This application has 5 parts (dirge of, wallpaper, text messaging, greeted codes, ringtones) that this software can give your phone a mood ones.

More than 2,500 famous dirge of 12 Mourning
72 Christmas ones
72 ringtones ones
1100 SMS Muharram
450 Merry codes MCI, MTN and Rightel
Dear friends, if you note any similar program for free and there is no information yet.

Dear users of the online mourning and lamentation every new day is set, the rest of the parts are offline.

At the end you Tqazamndym honorable, given the efforts that have been made in the plan, reflecting their opinions on the application to register and let us know if there is a problem with it. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and your comments.

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