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With the arrival of the hot season, you need this software.

Do you really know how much water should you use? You know what water shortage had serious consequences for you?
This software is absolutely the five factors, and medical and scientific formula to determine the amount of water you need each day.
Please read down to the end.





We've all heard that water is one of the pillars of the human body and is vital for an adequate supply of water during the day is very important and without water life is not possible. But very few ml of water do you need? Do you know dehydration or high water, and both are bad? Did you know that 75 percent of your body is water?



--- Did you know that dehydration causes

1. increase the risk of urinary tract
2. increase the risk of breast and colon cancer
3. Dry nasal passages
4. wrinkles and premature aging of the skin
5. Dry and cracked lips
6. reduced physical and mental performance
7, etc. (you can use a simple search on the Internet to see the dangers of dehydration)




--- Do you know the high water caused

A rare but deadly condition called hyponatremia, in which case the amount of salt in the body may be reduced and this leads to swelling in the brain.




What's the solution?

Our software was 4 personal factors (age, gender, weight and exercise) and 1 environmental factors (temperature, amount of water you need to calculate where you are.
The amount of water you drink every day, try and register the software.




************ Note that this application will only be released on-site cafe ************



. :::: Some program features.::::

* Beautiful graphics and animations with different intro to Help
* Determine the exact amount of water your body needs, according to weight, age, sex, sports and temperature of your environment
* Note to with scientific issues related photos
* Find the water weekly and daily charts with
* Daily temperature of your home and your actions on the amount of water needed
* Adjustable volume glasses on your glasses
* Set reminders according to your wakefulness and sleep
* Beautiful widgets on the home screen of your phone for quick registration drinking water





This software is based on medical and scientific literature, no text of a manual that has been copied from some website.





Looking forward for your suggestions for the improvement and development of this product and other products, please write us.
Wishing you health and success.


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