Fitness secrets

Fitness secrets

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Health & Fitness

* Do you care about your fitness?

* Is it important for you to eat and eat fruit?

* Do you like to know about different diets?

* Do you like to know what foods are being eaten together to increase their nutritional effect, or what foods do not eat together so that they do not harm the body in addition to destroying their nutritional properties?

* Do you like to know if eating hot tea is harmful or helpful after a meal?

* Would you like to know what desserts you can eat and what you want after eating?

* And other thousands of other nutrition information, the properties of fruits and vegetables, and the types of diet that amazes you.

In addition, a very professional program made:

- Ability to set font to any font you would like.

- Ability to change the background image to any image you like.

-Adjust the full screen of the program.

- Transferability to memory card.

- Advanced search.

- Ability to send program text via sms or through sharing


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