Dare novel the truth of my love

Dare novel the truth of my love

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A girl named Elnaz from a typical family with the concerns of a normal life ... The girl is a devil ... Being a riot, she chooses a way in a childish play that is a sign of a lot of questions ....

Summary of my love for my love:
Enormous girl, 12 years old, had a sense of revenge inside her Revenge on her father Mehrdad Saramad, Iran's greatest businessman, was overthrown overnight, and nobody understood what this famous businessman was breaking overnight? No one ever heard of this rainy night and the death of the great businessman Mehrdad Saremad and his wife, Manaldana Saramad? Now the enchanting man is back in 12 years to take revenge on Radin Sadr, the one who loves her for all her misery!

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