THRONE 3D Smart Home/Building

THRONE 3D Smart Home/Building

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THRONE 3D Control is a breakthrough 3D model based visual interface for control of Smart Home and Smart Building.

THRONE 3D Interface Demo application offers to experience the THRONE visual interface, based on the 3D-model of the building. In this application you can manage virtual Smart Home system and, as a user of THRONE, control lighting, climate (HVAC), alarm and security systems, video surveillance, curtains, gates, etc.

Tap on the logo in the right bottom corner to select a facility to control, language and colour scheme of the app.

This demo application is designed for familiarization and demonstration purposes. For working version with individual architecture and ability to control real devices please place your order on the developer’s website

THRONE's Features
- Unparalleled intuitive user interface based on a three-dimensional model of a facility.
- Scalability of the solution from an apartment to a shopping mall or cottage village.
- Centralized, unified control of all systems.
- Compatibility with KNX, HDL and TELETASK equipment.
- Configuration and installation processes are extremely simplified.

Functionality of THRONE
- Lighting Control
/Centralized and Zonal Control, Dimmable and RGB-Lighting, Lighting Scenes Storing/

- Climate (HVAC) Control
/Air conditioning, Ventilation, Thermostats, Heating, Heated floors/

- Mechanics
/Blinds, Shutters, Rolling Gates/

- Security and Access Systems
/Security and Fire Alarms, Motion Sensors, Leakage Protection/

- Video Surveillance and Door Phone Systems
/Any Number of IP cameras, Ability of Talk with Visitors, Opening of Doors and Gates/

And others: Multimedia devices, Weather Stations, Sprinkler Systems, etc.

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