Smart Persian Calendar

Smart Persian Calendar

Version 1.4.0
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Advanced calendar calendar The calendar is very lightweight, simple and compact and is prepared and designed according to the latest Android standards.

The calendar is simple yet functional, optimized and complete, with a variety of shell and language support.

Advanced Persian Calendar Features:

- Lightweight, simple and compact and in accordance with the latest Android standards

- Optimized to reduce the processing and use of your Android operating system

- Has different skins matching the most popular social networks and messengers

- Sonic Play and Shariah

- Contains a stable notification bar

- Date converter

- Has the status of all cities of Iran

- Has faces and compass

Additional Description:

Refer to the settings program to enforce the judicial and jurisdictional guidelines for your home city.

In Android 4 up versions, you can add an event to your Google Calendar by placing your finger and long press on the round of the day.

This app supports DashClock and is completely free. In addition, this calendar is not just for the calendar of 1397 and will be included in the coming years.

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