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Powerful software in the field of locking and encryption of personal information ...

With this software, you can have instant telegram received files (such as photos, videos, software, files with different formats, etc.) to lock and encrypt.

The application has two levels of security (locking and encryption) as well as the protection of your personal information to strangers can even access your computer files.

The important feature of this software can be noted as follows:

Operations applications (like delete, share, etc.), the file is locked, unlocked, encrypted and unencrypted.

The possibility of locking and encryption of all files from the phone.

Ability to hide files locked / encrypted on the PC (no worries about getting lost or to go to Rome and your mobile phone do not Srqt)

To enter the program with a password

View photos by telegram cache

Display and the ability to lock / encrypt user profile picture

With appropriate errors and the Persian language for user guidance

Simple User Interface

Interesting graphical environment

Compatible with all versions of Android

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