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CloserTV is an “all-in-one” remote control for cable TV and streaming services.

Imagine having your cable TV programs, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon content in one location. No more switching between your apple TV, to your Xbox, and back to your cable provider.

When you install the CloserTV app, not only will you be able to control all of your television and streaming content in one place, but you'll have the ability to take the content from your handheld devices and display to the big screen!

CloserTV is an AI-based mobile service that helps bring together your TV content and streaming services. CloserTV can stream content from your live cable network and can broadcast mobile streaming services to bigger in home screens.

- Universal Remote Control allow you to control TV, set-top box using the build-in IR blaster on your smartphone, including Samsung, Huawei, etc.
- Cast media content from mobile to bigger screen;
- Voice interface handles user queries with user intention analysis via natural language understanding;
- Contents are recommended based on the learning of your viewing history;