Properties of Medicinal Plants

Properties of Medicinal Plants

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Today, traditional medicine is increasing day by day, and the use of medicinal herbs is more effective in the treatment of many diseases, because they have long-term effects, unlike chemical drugs, but sometimes we do not have the opportunity to use tea or beverage at work, But substitutes are good alternatives.
Substances such as mint, thyme that are suitable for all seasons and cleanse the infection from the body, and the rest of the other useful substances. It is better to know their properties.
Condoms are one of the most commonly used forms of plant use.

With more than 100 types of herbs and their uses, this app will help you.

Sweat tarano

Barberry Sweat

Gourmet sweat

Sweaty pearl

Raspberry sweat

Balm sweat

Parsley sweat

Sweaty thrips

Tincture of fennel

Thyme sweat

Pussy pussy

Orange spring sweat

Mint syrup

Chicory sweat

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