The Text of Maternal Lullabies

The Text of Maternal Lullabies

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Reading lullabies for the baby are the best ways to calm and sleep the baby, while enhancing the language and familiarity with the words.


This app is a complete and relaxing set of childish lullabies available to help you come to your child's sleeplessness.
In this app, the beautiful lullabies of audio and text from our different regions of our country are gathered and completely available to you dear friends without the need for the Internet and free and high quality.

Children naturally relax with some sounds and music from the moment they are born. Lullabies make babies and children sleep and fall asleep. In all cultures and nations, some types of lullabies are traditionally common among people. Soft and soft sound, along with rhythmic melodies, gives babies a sense of security and relaxation, especially for infants and children.

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