Ayat al-Kercis audio and text

Ayat al-Kercis audio and text

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In a narration from Imam Baqir (AS), everyone who reads the verse of Al-Korsi after every prayer will be protected from poverty and misery and his life will be expanded and God will give him much of his bounty.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to Imam Ali (AS): "When you are going out of your house, you should recite the Ayatol'Kersi, because it will satisfy you"

Some of the works of this verse are:

  Al-Qarshi's verse is from the sky.

2. Al-Kersi's verse is a treasure trove.

3. The Elkresi verse is a safety feature on the trip.

4- Al-Kursi's verse is the most complete point of the Qur'an.

5- The mention of the Prophet Muhammad was in the bed; reading the verse of Elkersi.

6. Having read the verse of Al-Qur'an, the man will not have any pest.

7. To eliminate the poverty of the Al-Qur'anic verse it is effective and the divine help comes from the unseen.

8. Everything is in the al-Karsi script, that is, the seat has the heavens and the earth.

9. In singing the verse of Al-Qassi, you read the fears and help you with God.

10-Al-Karsi's verse in prayers; days; nights of the week; trips and prayer at night and burial of the dead.

11. When you sleep, read the verse of Elkresi, for it is with the Lord that God will guard the angel and protect you from the morning of peace.

12. If you have complained about the pain of the eye, read the verse of Al-Karsi and do not state that pain. That pain will be overcome and ask for it.

13. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): In the house where the verse of al-Qarshi is called, Iblis is far from that house and does not enter the house.

14. Al-Kersi's verse is the foundation and divine divine, and the purpose of reading it is that people worship and worship anyone except God, and create a single spirit of worship and free from servile bondage, and Al-Ankri's verse wakes up the wisdom of Allah and real Allah Introducing and knowable and able God to the people.

15. You will read 41 times the time of the Al-Karsi verse. You will be able to read 0 (41 times to read al-A'zim, a verse). To eliminate both sadness and healing, the healing of the pain, the healing of pain, the mercy of God, and the increase in the light of the eye of the verse Continue reading Elkersi.

16. If a believer recounts the verse of El-Karsi and makes his reward for those who accept it, Allah will ordain a property for him to glorify him.

17. Al-Kersi's verse in a farm and shop conceals a blessing of the farm and the prosperity of gaining.

18. They have said of the Prophet: "This verse is more than anything else that has created the Almighty."

19. A few things increase memory. One of them is reading the al-kouri verse.

20. Read the verse of El-Karsi so that you can protect God's night.

21. Every morning read al-Karsi's verse so that you can protect God's night.

22. The ease of death is by Elkersi's verse.

23. The Alcaya verse is the most verse in the Qur'an.

24- Read to save the wealth and the spirit of the verse.

25. The devastating verse of Al-Kirsi is the basis of Shirk.

26. Al-Kersi's verse is Seyyed Surah Baqara.

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