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This horror novel is about the genie, which is four girls named Praise, Sahar, Zahra, Fatima. After the June examinations, they want to travel for a variety of travels. They will travel to the north of one of the wooden houses of one of the families of Fatima but Fatemeh Addresse It's lost, but the daunting mistake is finding another address. In Fatemeh's brief, the girls of our story go there, but they do not know the hidden creatures inside the house, and the oddities that make the bad memories of the girls so that they even praise that this is I'm shocked and I think everything happens under my head but ...

✅ Beautiful and romantic novel
✅ Ability to change the font of the novel text
✅ Ability to resize the novel text
✅ Night or Day mode
✅ Ability to change the color of the text

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