Sticker Maker (Smart Photo Editor)

Sticker Maker (Smart Photo Editor)

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You have definitely seen these funny stickers, which are usually empty-around and so-called transparent. With the Sticker Maker app, you can create these cool stickers with your own photos and post them on the social network. You can also trim the subject of your subject and give it more curvature. In fact, you do not need a computer and complex software to create such special photos, and just with this application, you can easily create these creative photos in your smartphone. Finally, you can send the image you created to the social network as a sticker. Inside this app, there is a step-by-step, super-simple guide to get familiar with the app in just a few seconds. Any problems or questions, please feel free to email us ( because we are happy to receive your feedback and we will respond immediately.

Features and features of the app:

1) A step by step and easy guide

2) Possibility to improve the boundary of the subject in the photo

3) Possibility to hide the subject

4) There is a magnifying glass for better identification

5) Ability to convert a color photo to white black

6) Smart and automatic detection of the subject in the photo

7) Ability to round the boundary of the subject


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